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Pub Watch


If you're looking for a particular pub, first of all select either the City Pubs or the Local Pubs button at the top of the main page. You can then scroll the list of pubs for that area, which are sub-divided into areas (usually around the main road of that area). Or you can select from the alphabetical list (incomplete May 2004).

Selecting one of the pubs from a list will display the pub's own page, which lists it's name, address, telephone number, website, email address (if applicable) and the date of the last visit by one of our reviewer.

There is also an option to link to a map to see where the pub is (the map is only of the town centre so not all pubs are identified). Some pubs have photographs so you can click the link at the top of the pub's page to see them.

The regular reviews on a pubs main page relate to brewery / alcohol, entertainment, food, toilets, staff, customers and decor. Some pages also have a 'Did You Know?' section giving a bit of history about the pub (name changes etc).

The A to Z button on some pages links to a list of brewing terms.

If you're unsure of the name of a pub or want to see a complete list of all pubs at the site, you can select the Alphabetical list via either the City Pubs / Locals pages. Closed, renamed and demolished pubs has its own page, so click the word closed when you see it around the site.

The Food link is not food served in any of the pubs, but of eatery's in Preston and a seperate part of the site still under development as of May 2004.

The Games link provides a list of offsite old pub-style retro arcade games.

Adverts / Sponsors. If you want to place a banner on this site, please click this link for details.

Toilets. After all the boozing, you'll be caught short between pubs, so check out the list of ever dwindling public toilets and related information. It's got interesting external links to Thomas Crapper's site and condom sites etc. Links. This page contains a variety of areas: restuarants, websites and various brewing websites as well as links to lots of Preston-related sites.